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New single with my participation by TraBBarT, an electronic music producer based in Germany.

One more EDM release - by Israeli musician Amiram Korsias. The first song of his new EP called "Drops" is featuring my duduk.


Tiffa Garza (Hawaii) - Flee as a bird



The new album of US-based prog-rock band "Infinitome"  is out!  "The highlight of this suite for me is the melancholic Armenian duduk played by Ilia Mazia in 3rd Movement. A very successful resting point in all that prog violence." (Jos Driessen, Progwereld)


Recorded duduk for ТРАГА TRACE project of the multi-talented musician of Macedonian origin Klime Kovaceski. In 80s he played guitar in the exciting Yugoslavian rock bands blending post punk, Balkan folk and Orthodox church singing. Today he is not only making great music but he is also the chef and the owner of one of the "100 best restaurants in America".


The new album of Italian trio "Fuera" (EDM- new wave-hiphop-...) released, I participated recording duduk for two songs - Acqua & Mezzaluna.  

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September 2020. New EP of Vellua project released with my duduk on the beautiful song called Réo. 

It was a great honor to record duduk for the single by Vellua featuring the legendary Kurdish singer Ciwan Haco!

"Vesti" newspaper 2004 (in Russian)  - click the picture below to download the article

Дудукист из Израиля
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